2021 Registration

Please note: You can still register for the rest of the season below. To guarantee that we send you the appropriate links and information, please register before noon on the day of the session (i.e., Noon on Sundays).

If you have registered and need the link resent, please email info@vocalpointchorus.org and we will respond ASAP!

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While this isn’t quite the 10th season we envisioned, we’re still going to celebrate! Join us for a unique season of learning, remembering, and even a little (virtual) singing.

If you’re registering more than one participant, type all names in the “Participant Name” field.

Typically, VocalPoint is a chorus, and our participants are singers! But this year, we are welcoming anyone who wants to celebrate and learn with us!

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If you’re interested, you can also make a donation to help support VocalPoint.