“Rise” Performance Notes

“Rise” by Arianne Abela

Justice Choir Songbook

6 Vocal Tracks:

  • Soprano  (led by Shanta Hejmadi)
  • Alto 1  (led by Linda Kachelmeier)
  • Alto 2 (led by Abbie Betinis)
  • Tenor  (led by Adam Van der Sluis)
  • Baritone (led by David Winkworth)
  • Bass  (led by Eric Bartlett)
  • Piano is Steve Swanson!

**Sopranos and Altos use the “Harmony Version” for the entire song.

**Tenors and Basses use BOTH Harmony AND Unison versions.  I have tried to mark that clearly below. Note that there are no measure numbers on the “Unison” version, but I think it will still be clear on my instructions. Of course, the other clue is that you’ll be following the lead singer on the track so that will help you know what to do.

**Most often the measure numbers are indicated for the FULL measure, but in fact you come in the last beat of the previous measure. 

**Of course, please sing in the octave that is appropriate for your voice.  Hmmmmmm….. basses, this does NOT mean TWO octaves lower!! 😊

**Trickiest thing musically about this is the rhythms.  They have to be right so that we line up and don’t sound all mushy. 

**You can breathe on the 8th rests.  I marked in a few extra for you. 😊

Measure  1:  (Verse 1)   Sung by Sopranos and Altos

Measure 5: Divisi as noted

Measure 9:  (Verse 2) Sung by Sopranos and Altos until m. 13. 

Measure 13: Now it divides SAA, and T/B enter in unison (using the “UNISON VERSION” This is the end of the 2nd line of the Unison version). 

Measure 15: TENORS: oops! 🙂 The lead goofed on that word; please *do* sing the right one, which is: “I will work”

Measure 17: Pick-up to Measure 17 is the word “Sisters” — ideally it would be good to have a mix of voices sing that word. If you sing it, great! If you don’t, no worries!

Measure 25:  Tenors, Bari, and Basses now sing using the HARMONY VERSION, and S/A are tacet. 

                Basses are singing the melody [and note you sing the pick-up to m. 25]

                Tenors and Baritones sing the harmony (an octave lower)

Measure 29:  Baritones now take the melody (actually the pick-up to m. 29)  

                Tenors and Basses sing harmony (an octave lower)

Measure 31:  Tenors and Basses sing the melody (note the pick-up) 

                Sops on top line

                Altos divisi on bottom line

                SA:  Notice that Steve plays your notes (in some octave) at the end of measure 30 so that you can get your pitches before launching in! [Also, isn’t Steve great?]

Measure 37:  Refrain:  NOTE!  At this point, the TBB go back to the UNISON VERSION and sing the Refrain (twice) from that.

                SAA continues on the Harmony version as written. NOTE: Alto 1 need to go to middle line on beat 4 of m. 36 to sing “Brothers”. ALSO: ideally it would be good to have a mix of voices sing “brothers” — If you sing it, great! If you don’t, no worries!

Measure 45:  NOTE!  Sopranos!  Sop 1, keep singing along with Shanta and following the S1 line.  Sop 2’s, you have an added fun challenge!  You get to sing the melody, but you have to do it without any leader.  (I hope it’s do-able, with another line being sung in your ear…stay confident! 😊

Altos, read your appropriate line. 

Measure 47 — Sop 1’s — note that the leader sings the wrong notes for beat 3 and 4. Those notes still work in the harmony, so if you need to follow her that’s fine. If you can sing the right notes against hers that’s great!

Measure 48: All Alto 1 sing the 2 half notes. The other note is being sung by the T/B so it’s covered.

Measure 53: “ENDING”  — As written.